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Conventions for writing short biographies


Biographical information of the authors of the contributions

At the end of each article, the journal publishes brief biographical information in 3-8 print lines. Please provide the following details (which should be given in the same order):

First name Surname, year of birth, academic degree, university/job. Fields of research. Publications (only the newest and most important, especially books) - listed with title, place, year of publication and possibly co-authors.


Examples of biographical information

Agathe Bienfait, 1962, Dr. phil., private lecturer at the University of Heidelberg. Fields of research: Political theory, social philosophy, sociology of culture, sociology of religion. Publications: Freiheit, Verantwortung, Solidarität. Frankfurt a. M. 1999; Das Weber Paradigma. Tübingen 2004 (with G. Albert, S. Sigmund and K. Wendt).