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Instructions for reviews in the KZfSS

Editors and editorial office of the KZfSS are grateful for considering the following instructions when writing reviews:

  1. Due to the limited space and the growing number of books to be discussed, individual reviews should not exceed a maximum of three pages (about 8,500 characters [including spaces]). For double reviews, four pages should not be exceeded (about 10,000 characters [including spaces]). In other collective reviews, one and a half pages should not be exceeded per book (about 2,500 characters [including spaces] per book).
  2. The manuscripts should be formatted as follows: Arial 11; justification; line spacing: 1.5; spacing before and after paragraphs: 0 pt; indenting 0.5 cm after paragraph. Please send the review by e-mail to: (preferably in WordDocx format, alternatively as a PDF file or in TXT format).
  3. These bibliographic data are to be cited in the head of the review with the following punctuation: Author (italic): Title. Subtitles. Place of publication: Publisher Year. Page number. ISBN. Price: Currency Amount.
    • Ruud Koopmans, Paul Statham, Marco Giugni and Florence Passy: Contested Citizenship. Immigration and Cultural Diversity in Europe. Social Movements, Protest and Contention. Minneapolis/London: University of Minnesota Press 2005. 312 pages. ISBN: 0-8166-4663-5. Price: $ 24,95.
  4. Please put your name (in italics) under the bibliographic data.
  5. Please do not use footnotes or a bibliography in the review. If references and comments are indispensable for your review, please incorporate them into the running text.